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Financial Services

Financial Services of the FGI Group

The FGI Group demonstrates comprehensive capabilities in three areas of financial services, namely, investment banking, principal investment and asset management, and provides services, such as management participation, corporate revitalization, venture development and fund-procurement arrangements from both debt and equity perspectives, to growth companies and midsized companies that support the real economy, thereby accelerating investment in such companies.
Meanwhile, to expand the asset management business, which mutually complements the aforementioned services, FGI is working to raise the Group’s profile in investor markets.

Public Management Consulting Corporation (PMC), a subsidiary, leads efforts within the Group to develop public accounting support for local governments. Going forward, the emphasis will be placed on approaches that enable local government clients to improve their financial health and energize the communities that they represent through financial solutions built on expertise gained through hands-on involvement in business rehabilitation and asset-backed financial arrangements.

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