FGI - FinTech Global Incorporated

Asset Management

In this business segment, FinTech Asset Management Incorporated (FAM) provides real estate investment strategies, while FGI Capital Partners, Inc. (FGICP) provides alternative investment and hedge fund strategies. For details on investment strategies for corporate investment, go to the page on Investment Activities.

Real Estate Investment Strategies

FinTech Asset Management Incorporated (FAM) offers asset management services as a special investment manager for real estate–related assets. The company provides various solutions utilizing real estate, from investment property sourcing to financial arrangements, fund formation and asset management, and presents investors with optimum real estate investment solutions identified through a network of sourcing contacts inside and outside Japan.

FAM handles such development-oriented properties as offices, condominiums for rent and for sale, commercial facilities and stores, and in recent years has extended the scope to include Japanese inns, homes for seniors, clinics and other buildings all over Japan.

FAM Business Outline

  1. 1. Investment fund formation
  2. 2. Asset-finance arrangements
  3. 3. Investment property operation and management
  4. 4. Investment fund portfolio operation
  5. 5. Investment property sourcing
  6. 6. Entrusted-assets utilization
  7. 7. Sponsor services and external sponsor sourcing
  8. 8. Merger and acquisition advisory services

Alternative Investments, Hedge Fund Investments

FGI Capital Partners, Inc. (FGICP), is an investment management company providing financial services geared to clients’ needs mainly through alternative investments and hedge fund investments seeking absolute return.

FGICP Business Outline

Pursuit of absolute return
  • Alternative investments, including
    • Alternative energy–related investments
    • Domestic bond alternative investments
    • Private equity
  • Hedge fund investments
    • Flexible, long position investment in domestic-stock funds
    • Event-driven global equity
Choice of financial vehicles matched to client needs
  • Investment through foreign-domiciled investment trusts
  • Investment through domestic corporate investment trust accounts
  • Investment through collective investment schemes
  • Research on and due diligence of other companies’ funds
  • Proactive to the strategies of small size businesses
  • Reporting matched to client needs

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