FGI - FinTech Global Incorporated

Investment Activities

In addition to financial arrangements, certain members of the FGI Group participate directly in target investments to facilitate the development of companies and operations with bright prospects or latent growth potential.

Three-Structure Corporate Investment

The FGI Group’s corporate investment activities are conducted through three investment structures:

  1. (1) Investment and loans (principal investment) by FGI
  2. (2) Investment (principal investment) by FinTech Global Trading (FGT)
  3. (3) Participation in venture capital funds through FinTech GIMV Fund (FGF), a venture fund in which FGI is a limited partner and lead sponsor.

While each structure adheres to its own policy on fund application, investment activity is seamlessly interconnected within the Group and to services that support management activities at companies receiving funds.

(1) Investment and loans (principal investment) by FGI

In FGI’s principal investment activities, the scope of investment targets is broad-based, from venture firms to midsized companies with assumed growth potential. To date, investments delivering returns include a fast-tracking foreign exchange company and sponsorship of a real estate company undergoing business rehabilitation. In addition, FGI has posted returns on investment in and loans to such companies as a high-revenue health supplements business in which the Company took an equity stake as sponsor for business succession, as well as a listed real estate company in the process of management restructuring and a venture firm to which an industrial technology institute transferred technology. FGI pursues investment opportunities from both debt and equity perspectives to support growth companies and companies struggling through business rehabilitation.

(2) Investment (principal investment) by FGT

Investments by FinTech Global Trading (FGT) are intended to spur corporate growth through a totally hands-on approach to investment, and efforts are made to maximize investment value.

(3) Venture Capital Funds

FGF is a venture capital fund established in 2007, backed primarily by FGI, Gimv NV, Belgium’s largest private equity investment firm, and the Development Bank of Japan. The fund targets companies with high growth potential in information and communications and life sciences.

Investment Descriptions

For specific examples of companies in the investment portfolios of investing Group companies, please visit these sites.

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