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FGI investments

Setting its sights on growth in listed and unlisted companies and operations with potential and the promise of future success, FGI aggressively pursues principal finance operations using its own funds in selected investments and loans. The Company also provides financial services, primarily advisory services and arrangements. Key business investments are described below.

Moomin Monogatari, Ltd.

Investment since November 2013

Operation and management of Moomin theme park in Japan

Moomin Monogatari, Ltd. was established with capital from FGI and the other company for the purpose of establishing and managing one or more theme parks featuring Moomins.
Moomin Monogatari entered into a licensing agreement with Bulls Presstjanst AB, the worldwide licensing agent for Oy Moomin Characters Ltd., the intellectual property owner of Moomin characters, giving the company exclusive rights related to the operation of a theme park in Japan built around Moomin stories.
Moomin Monogatari became a consolidated subsidiary of FGI in fiscal 2015.

Mirai Energy Partners Co., Ltd.

Investment from September 2013 to March 2019

Toranomon Ham K.K.
Investment advisory services, investments, consulting services others of renewables energy

Mirai Energy Partners is engaged in joint improvement projects—business empowerment projects—at mid-sized hydroelectric plants operated by domestic hydroelectric power providers. Special purpose companies established with providers acquire power generation assets and then promote feed-in-tariff projects involving these providers through schemes to utilize capital from domestic and international investors in investment and loans. In March 2015, the company established Mirai Hydropower Investment Business Partnership, which invests in small and midsized hydroelectric facilities.

Toranomon Ham K.K.

Investment since June 2013

Toranomon Ham K.K.
Planning and sales of food using the HoneyBaked® brand, Manages café restaurants

Toronomon Ham holds exclusive rights from The Honey Baked Ham Company LLC® to use the HoneyBaked® brand in various business areas in Japan. HoneyBaked® is one of America’s favorite ham brands. The company launched activities in in June 2013 and has pursued sales and restaurant operations since then. At the end of August 2019, however, the licensing agreement will end, and the decision has been made to stop marketing activities.

Axismotion inc.

Investment since November 2012

Axis Motion Inc.
Media Creation
Develops and operates Web systems and smartphone applications
Engages in Internet consulting

Originally established as FookyZ inc. in 2010, the company changed its name to Axismotion on April 1, 2014. This venture company was created on the theme of local production/local consumption with a new approach to utilizing human resources. Axismotion debuted PM Assist, a business support service to help property owners fill vacancies in their buildings and manage their properties, in April 2014, and as of June 30, 2016, the company had signed up 50 real estate management companies, including some of the majors. Service application continues to grow. In 2016, the company formed a business and capital alliance with The Asahi Shimbun Company, a leading daily newspaper in Japan, and launched support for property managers through Asahi Service Anchor stations, a nationwide network that ensures delivery of the paper to customers.
FGI contributes to Axismotion’s growth through its investment and through management advice extended by directors who also sit on the Axismotion Board of Directors as outside directors.

Adacotech Incorporated

Investment since March 2012

Adacotech Incorporated
R&D, manufacturing and sales of computer software and devices.

Adacotech develops applications for HLAC/CHLAC (higher-order local autocorrelation/cubic higher-order local autocorrelation)—technology developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology that instantaneously recognizes images, such as still pictures and streaming video, and turns these applications into businesses. Specific orders, especially from major device makers, followed the start of business in April 2012, with the sphere of HLAC/CHLAC applications extending to many sectors.
FGI took an investment position from the start of business and is supporting operations, mainly through the placement of directors at the company and assistance in building a business platform.

R&Y Corporation

Investment from April 2011 to February 2014

R&Y Corporation
Sales of health supplements and cosmetics

This health supplements and cosmetics planning and sales company was established in 1999 with a goal to provide dietary supplements and cosmetics that give customers a true feeling of authenticity. Placenta 100, a placenta supplement, has been on the best seller list of a major television shopping channel.
FGI has provided investment as a business continuity sponsor of the entrepreneur who set up R&Y, and FGI Group member FinTech Asset Management has been involved in various support activities, including efforts to expand sales of key products in Japan and to promote overseas market development, especially in Asia, and also providing guidance to improve operations, designed to achieve enhanced corporate value.

ASIAN STAR CO. ( Formerly, Yoko Toshi Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.)

Investment from April 2011 to February 2013

Property sales business
Property management business

Originally established as Yoko Toshi Kaihatsu, ASIAN STAR has developed and provided condominiums for investment purposes to meet the asset-formation needs of its customers. Currently, the company is shifting its business emphasis from property sales to property management in a process of business restructuring.
FGI took an equity stake as a limited partner in an investment business limited liability partnership to contribute funds to this company.

Shibusaki Corporation

Investment from November 2010 to October 2012

Shibusaki Corporation
General contracting
Registered architectural office (Senior level)

This civil engineering and construction company, located on the shores of Lake Suwa, in Nagano Prefecture, has established deep roots in its community over a 50-year corporate history. The company’s civil engineering division focuses on public works and also investigates cases of soil contamination and executes remedial procedures; and its construction division undertakes construction of new commercial buildings and also pursues new businesses, including construction of homes and cottages, style-update renovations and effective utilization of land.

FGI entered into a sponsorship agreement with Shibusaki in 2010 and has provided management support through financial arrangements and strategic financial advice. The company’s rehabilitation proceedings terminated as a result of an order of termination of rehabilitation proceedings by Nagano District Court on September 19, 2013.

MERSTech, Inc.

Investment since 2010

MERSTech, Inc.
Development and widespread use of products featuring MERS technology, which make effective use of electric power and contributes to energy-savings.

MERSTech is a technology venture established to commercialize MERS (Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch), a ground-breaking technology for power electronics invented at Tokyo Institute of Technology. MERS applications are wide-ranging and include power generation, power transmission, industrial systems, household appliances and mobile devices. Efforts are being directed toward business development not only in Japan but also abroad, with an emphasis on the United States, China and India.

FGI began contributing to this fund in 2010.

Shinei Realty Development Co., Ltd.

Investment from August 2009 to June 2013

Shinei Realty Development Co., Ltd.
Real estate purchasing and sales services, development agency services and brokerage services.

The business pursuits of Shinei Realty Development include effective utilization of real estate and property development, investment, and management, mergers and acquisitions, and securitization. The company uses its specialist skills and extensive experience and know-how to provide optimum solutions to real estate opportunities.

In 2009, as a wholly owned FGI subsidiary, the company received management support from FGI, and when the company got back on track, shares were transferred to the executive team in a management buyout.

Logicom Co., Ltd.

Business alliance since May 2009

Logicom Co., Ltd.
Subleasing business
Term leasehold interest business
Building contractor business
Short-term rentals
Housing business

Logicom provides general real estate rental services for businesses, with a focus on subleasing operations, primarily in the region from the western part of Tokyo to the southern part of Saitama Prefecture. Since its establishment, the company has been involved in more than 200 development projects and has acquired a solid position as a leading company in its geographical domain.
FGI formed an alliance with Logicom in 2009 to strengthen its real estate business and took an equity stake as a limited partner through an investment business limited liability partnership when the company executed a third-party allocation of shares to increase capital.

Eijic Shanghai

Investment from July 2012 to March 2016

Logicom Co., Ltd.
Restaurant operating company based in Shanghai

Eijic Shanghai is a restaurant operating company based in Shanghai, and the first overseas venture of Tokyo based Eijic Co. Ltd., which is well known in Tokyo.

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