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FGI Group’s investment Portfolio

Setting its sights on growth in listed and unlisted companies and operations with potential and the promise of future success, FGI aggressively pursues principal finance operations using its own funds in selected investments and loans. The Company also provides financial services, primarily advisory services and arrangements. Key business investments are described below.

Flatt Security

Investment since June 2021

Cyber security business

Flatt Security is a cybersecurity startup providing security diagnostic services—that is, checking vulnerability assessment—and KENRO, a SaaS-style e-learning platform that helps web engineers enhance secure coding skills.
In the company’s security diagnostic services, security engineers assess vulnerabilities that could lead to customer information leaks and data tampering at client companies across a wide range of services, from the cloud to web apps and IoT. KENRO is a cloud-based learning platform that obviates the need to build an environment, thereby facilitating hands-on seminars and learning on security technology needed for web development. The company is drawing on this product development capability to pursue new development of security-oriented SaaS for the global market.

Mealthy Inc.

Investment since May 2021

Specific insurance guidance and health management support business

Mealthy develops original apps for specific health guidance and offers its services to health insurance associations across Japan.
Mealthy facilitates access to specific health guidance as well as services to help prevent diabetic nephropathy and to support health management. Through health insurance associations, the company offers its target market—business people who tend to have an irregular diet because of their hectic work schedules—workable approaches to stay healthy by improving daily dietary habits. Mealthy has an app for meal guidance whereby users post pictures of what they routinely eat as a meal using their smartphone or other device, and a registered dietitian offers nutritional advice.

Minoru Inc.

Investment since April 2021

Operates transfer-type rental housing under brand “Rent-to-own home”

Minoru Inc. promotes its “Rent-to-own home” transfer-type rental housing scheme throughout Japan and offers services to match up prospective tenants with investors and builders.
The scheme enables tenants to apply the rent they have paid to live in a home toward the purchase of this home when the contract expires without being tied to a mortgage, while investors achieve stable income gains instead of eventually transferring land and structure without compensation. Depending on the area, this scheme is far superior than a typical rental operation. Minoru provides property owners with new investment options where risk is controlled through the company’s own data analysis.
The company is reinforcing its own style of business development, complementing the “Rent-to-own home” scheme with one for local governments to provide homes under a public-private partnership to encourage migration and settlement and one for companies to provide homes to enhance recruitment power.

Japan Cloud Capital, inc.

Investment since May 2020

Operates stock investment style crowdfunding platform FUNDINNO

Japan Cloud Capital, inc. was registered and approved in October 2016 as Japan’s first Type 1 Small Amount Electronic Offering Handling Business and operates the equity crowdfunding service platform Fundinno (website is Japanese only) as a place to connect investors keen to support unlisted companies and unlisted companies seeking to procure capital.
Investors registered in Fundinno can invest in the equity of companies aiming for an initial public offering or buyout in small amounts around ¥100,000 per unit up to an annual investment of ¥500,000 per company. For this platform, Japan Cloud Capital looks at venture companies from every area and then places only those companies that pass a strict screening criteria into the investment menu.

Rembrandt Holdings

Investment since March 2018

Engages in hotel business, golf business, real estate business and business revitalization opportunities

Rembrandt Holdings Co., Ltd., focuses on the hotel, golf, real estate and business revitalization businesses and opportunities. In the hotel business, the company seeks to expand into areas in Japan and overseas with a high volume of inbound and tourist demand, and acquires carefully selected buildings and operating rights based on multifaceted information gathering. In Japan, the company operates numerous city hotels and business hotels, and overseas, the company operates resort hotels in Nha Trang, the most renowned resort district in Vietnam. In the real estate business, the company acquires structures through speedy information gathering capabilities and promotes new development real estate projects to grow its hotel and business revitalization businesses. In the latter, efforts are directed primarily to service providers, such as companies involved in the amusement business and companies operating restaurants.

Moomin Monogatari, Ltd.

Investment since November 2013

Operation and management of Moomin theme park in Japan

Moomin Monogatari, Ltd. was established with capital from FGI and the other company for the purpose of establishing and managing one or more theme parks featuring Moomins.
Moomin Monogatari entered into a licensing agreement with Bulls Presstjanst AB, the worldwide licensing agent for Oy Moomin Characters Ltd., the intellectual property owner of Moomin characters, giving the company exclusive rights related to the operation of a theme park in Japan built around Moomin stories.
Moomin Monogatari became a consolidated subsidiary of FGI in fiscal 2015.

Mirai Energy Partners Co., Ltd.

Investment from September 2013 to March 2019

Mirai Energy Partners Co., Ltd.
Investment advisory services, investments, consulting services on topics other than renewable energy

Mirai Energy Partners is engaged in joint improvement projects—business empowerment projects—at mid-sized hydroelectric plants operated by domestic hydroelectric power providers. Special purpose companies established with providers acquire power generation assets and then promote feed-in-tariff projects involving these providers through schemes to utilize capital from domestic and international investors in investment and loans. In March 2015, the company established Mirai Hydropower Investment Business Partnership, which invests in small and midsized hydroelectric facilities.

gigbase inc.

Investment since November 2012

gigbase inc.
Develops and operates part-time working network, headlined by PM Assist, a one-stop outsourcing service for property management companies

gigabase inc. is a venture company established in 2010 with a business purpose to address a situation in the real estate sector where companies need to outsource small or infrequent tasks but cannot find anyone to ask. gigabase matches up this business-side need with a need among housewives and people with dual employment/side businesses who would like short-term or irregular work as it comes up and fits their schedule.
PM Assist (link: https://pm-assist.jp/), a one-stop outsourcing service for property management companies, debuted in 2014, and gigabase continues to expand tie-ups with major real estate companies and build a solid track record. In addition, the company is developing a presence in many domains beyond the real estate domain.
FGI contributes to gigabase’s growth through investment and through management advice extended by directors who also sit on the gigbase board of directors as outside directors.

Adacotech Incorporated

Investment since March 2012

Adacotech Incorporated
R&D, manufacturing and sales of computer software and devices.

Adacotech Incorporated redefined machine-learning pattern recognition using high-order local auto-correlation feature extraction method—revolutionary technology invented by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology—and is currently applying the resulting anomaly detection system to various fields. The company utilizes specific attributes of the technology, namely, the ability to identify the existence of deviations using normal conditions as the reference point and to clearly detect anomalies even from a small sample of normal data, with applications across a diverse range of industry and service sectors. These include inspection of products on factory floors, detecting predictive defects, ensuring that maintenance is done at just the right time, and extending the life of replacement components, as well as for guarding, warning and security operations.
FGI has supported Adacotech in various ways from its earliest days, including access to capital and management expertise as well as establishment of a business platform.
In June 2019, Adacotech executed a third-party allocation of shares to supercharge business expansion toward an IPO in the future and raised capital from venture capital funds.

Music Securities, Inc.

Investment since December 2015

Music Securities, Inc.
Operates micro-investment platform dubbed Security

Music Securities is a pioneering company in the field of investment-style crowdfunding using the Internet to attract the interest of investors with funds to corporate investment targets requiring business capital.
Security, the micro-investment platform operated by the company, serves to connect the various capital needs of appealing businesses at home and abroad with the needs of small-lot investors particularly keen to support businesses and local communities.
FGI group acquired an equity position through a third-party allocation of shares to raise capital in December 2015.

MDT Innovations Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Investment since December 2015

Music Securities, Inc.
R&D and system integration on advanced recognition technology and security technology used in RFID, cloud computing and mobile devices needed in the IoT era

MDTi is a Malaysia-based RFID (radio frequency identification tag) solution provider. The company is one of the world’s top five makers of RFID tags and readers and is developing a presence globally, with an emphasis on the Asia-Oceania region, particularly China, Indonesia and Australia. Clients include numerous major distribution companies, food manufacturers and national governments, and business is growing rapidly, paralleling the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT).
In 2011, a member of the FGI Group provided capital to support joint development of new products, and followed this investment with an equity stake in December 2015.

Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd

Investment since October 2015

Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd
Fintech venture providing international fund transfer services

Queen Bee Capital, a funds transfer service provider registered with the Kanto Regional Financial Bureau, is a fintech venture operating and promoting PayForex, an online currency exchange and overseas wire transfer service. Through ties-ups with local banks in all countries and a highly scalable original system, the company achieves secure transfer of funds and provides highly convenient currency exchange and overseas wire transfers faster and more economically than other financial institutions.
The company has a bright future, working to meet an increasingly more extensive range of services needs, from those of corporate clients to individuals, paralleling globalization.
FGI group took an equity stake in this company and is providing business support.

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