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Nov. 2013Moomin Monogatari, Ltd., which was established with capital from FGI and other companies, entered into a licensing agreement with Bulls Presstjanst AB, the worldwide licensing agent for Oy Moomin Characters Ltd., the intellectual property owner of Moomin characters, giving the company exclusive rights related to the operation of a theme park in Japan built around Moomin storybook characters.
May 2015FGI decided to turn Moomin Monogatari,Ltd. into a consolidated subsidiary.
Jun. 2015FGI decided to open Metsä on the shores of Lake Miyazawa in Hanno, Saitama Prefecture, and concluded a sales contract for property, involving Seibu Railway Co., Ltd.
FGI signed a Basic Agreement on Local Renaissance with the city of Hanno.
Dec. 2016Metsä concept and logo announced.
The Metsä Official Site goes live.
Jun. 2017FGI and Hanno Resource Hanno Local Resource Utilization LLC, a special purpose company, each signed a construction contract with Metsä Project Hanno Consortium to build Metsä Village and Moominvalley Park, respectively.
Jul. 2017Construction of Metsä Village and Moominvalley Park began.
FGI transferred Moominvalley Park real estate to Hanno Local Resource Utilization for the purpose of securitizing this real estate.
Hanno Local Resource Utilization decided to borrow funds (up to ¥5.6 billion) from local financial institutions and to invite capital participation (¥750 million) through silent partnership agreements to acquire capital to cover Moominvalley Park land transfer fees and construction costs.
Feb. 2018Moomin Monogatari and Hanno Local Resource Utilization signed construction agreements with Nomura Co., Ltd., for interior and exterior work at Moominvalley Park.
Mar. 2018Moomin Monogatari established Rights and Brands Japan Co., Ltd., to manage all Moomin copyrights in Japan.
Oct. 2018Construction of Metsä Village and Moominvalley Park completed.
Nov. 2018Metsä Village opened.

FGI decided to turn Rights and Brands Japan Co., Ltd. into a consolidated subsidiary.
Dec. 2018Admission fees for Moominvalley Park set.
Jan. 2019Interior and exterior features at Moominvalley Park completed and transferred.
Mar. 2019Moominvalley Park opened.

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