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Public Accounting Implementation Advice and Packaged Software Sales

In the public finance–related business, Public Management Consulting Corporation (PMC) offers consulting services to municipal corporations and local governments to facilitate the implementation of public accounting software and also sells the public accounting packaged software PPP (Triple P).

Supports public accounting reform as partner to local governments

PMC complements the sale of PPP public accounting software with support services that help clients prepare their financial statements with little of the administrative load that such work had carried previously. The company has earned compliments from clients for facilitating the implementation of public accounting with reduced expense burden. In addition, through an alliance with other system providers, PMC offers Kaikaku, a system that uses data generated by PPP public accounting software to produce facility- and purpose (segment)-specific administrative cost statements, and facilitates multi-layer fiscal analysis and management plan simulations.

In adopting a public accounting system, a local government or municipal corporation must prepare an asset ledger and develop a format to batch convert execution voucher data produced on a daily basis to double-entry account headings. Accounting know-how, particularly with regard to balance sheet production, is also necessary for a public accounting system to go live. PMC offers fee-based consultations by certified public accountants, lawyers and other professionals with the expertise to address requirements associated with the implementation of public accounting.

PMC is also involved in such activities as the preparation of reports on public facility management based on public accounting data and seminars organized according to local government needs. In cooperation with FGI Group companies boasting considerable expertise in finance and real estate sectors, PMC plans to deliver to its clients various solutions, including asset-securitization schemes aimed at achieving a healthier balance sheet and ideas for utilizing idle property.

High contract status based on trust

PPP public accounting software is well-regarded, and PMC is known for the reliability of its total service solutions, including advice and support for software implementation. These qualities are substantiated by contracts with five prefectures and 152 cities and towns in Japan. These business accounts give PMC the No. 1 share of the market for public accounting software adopted by local governments.

PMC’s Key Business Activities

  1. 1. Consultations in support of public accounting software implementation
  2. 2. Sale of PPP public accounting software.
  3. 3. Help with the preparation of reports on public facility management.

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