FGI - FinTech Global Incorporated

FGI Group Strengths

One-Stop Solutions

Able to deliver comprehensive responses that support client companies in such efforts as fund-raising, mergers and acquisitions, business succession and asset utilization as well as the need for financial advice, through an assortment of financial services facilitated through investment banking, principal investment and asset management services.

High-Level Expertise in Structured Finance

Provide client companies with support services that utilize the risk management expertise acquired through structured financing activities.

Enhancing Corporate Value of Client Companies

Boast proven success in enhancing corporate value through hands-on management support.

Quick Decision-Making Capabilities

Utilize flat organizational structure free of corporate bureaucracy to ensure speedy investment execution decisions.

Proven Results in Public Sector

Enjoy direct access to the public sector, particularly local governments, through the development of public accounting and public finance support services.

Global Information Access

Utilize our own information network with links to industry and financial circles as well as investors worldwide to extend services for business matching, fund procurement and investment management from a global perspective.

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