FGI - FinTech Global Incorporated


1994 Dec. FGI was established in Tokyo as a financial service provider specializing in structured finance.
1999 Jul. Began arrangement services with credit enhancement.
2002 Mar. Began arrangements featuring securitization of money claims.
Dec. Began arrangements featuring property development securitization.
2004 Apr. Registered as money lender by Tokyo governor.
Aug. Began principal finance operations.
2005 Jun. FGI was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers.
2007 Sep FGI was registered as a Financial Instrument Business Operator engaged in the Second Financial Instruments Business, Investment Advisory and Agency Business in accordance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.
Dec. FGI, along with GIMV, and the Development Bank of Japan, took lead investor (sponsor) positions in the FINTECH GIMV FUND, L.P, which was established to invest in Japanese and overseas venture companies.
2008 Jun. Acquired Public Management Consulting Corporation, establishing a presence in the public finance–related business.
2009 Jun. Acquired all equity in Asset Advance, Co., Ltd., which was renamed FinTech Asset Management Incorporated, and entered into the asset management business.
2011 Apr. Acquired all equity in OGI Capital Partners, Inc, adding the company to the scope of consolidation as a subsidiary, and changed its name to FGI Capital Partners, Inc.
2013 Mar. FinTech Global Securities Inc.(FGS) was excluded from the scope of consolidation due to sales of it’s all shares.
FGI Capital Partners, Inc.(FGICP) was changed in subsidiary status, from an wholly-owned subsidiary to an equity method affiliate, due to sales of FGICP's 70% shares
Nov. FGI and Puuha International Oy established Moomin Monogatari, Ltd., a Japanese company, with the purpose of establishing and managing one or more theme parks featuring Moomins. Moomin Monogatari entered into a license agreement with Bulls, the worldwide licensing agent on behalf of Oy Moomin Characters Ltd., the intellectual property owner of Moomin characters, which gives the company an exclusive right to run Moomin theme parks in Japan.
2014 Feb. Acquired all equity in Okayama Corporation which is a construction company through a subsidiary.
Mar. Acquired all equity in Unihouse Co., Ltd.(currently Zonan Development Co., Ltd.) which was a real estate company through a subsidiary, Unihouse Holdings Co., Ltd.(currently Unihouse Co., Ltd.) .
Jun. Acquired all equity in Okayama Holdings Co., Ltd.(currently Better Life House Co., Ltd.) which was a real estate companies through a subsidiary,Better Life Supoort Holdings Co.,Ltd.
2015 Mar. Subsidiary FinTech Asset Management Incorporated (FAM) acquired permission from the Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, for services related to Article 2, Paragraph 4-3 of the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures.
May Transfered all shares in Okayama Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary, to a third party and Okayama was excluded from the scope of consolidation,

Decided to turn Moomin Monogatari,Ltd. into a consolidated subsidiary.
2016 Mar. Acquired permission from the Financial Services Agency Commissioner and the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, for services related to Article 2, Paragraph 4-4 of the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures.
Nov. Participated in third-party allocation of shares executed by affiliate Public Management Consulting Corporation and turned the company into a consolidated subsidiary. Then, through this company, FGI acquired all shares in New Public Accounting Laboratory Co., Ltd., and turned it into a consolidated subsidiary as well.
2017 Oct. Acquired additional shares in affiliate FGI Capital Partners, Ltd., and turned the company into a consolidated subsidiary.

Transferred all Company-held ordinary shares in Better Life Support Holdlings Co., Ltd., and removed this company and its five subsidiaries, including Unihouse Co., Ltd., Better Life House Co., Ltd., Better Life Support Co., Ltd. (BELS), from the scope of consolidation.
Dec. Through SGI Investment LLC, which was established by FGI subsidiary FinTech Global Trading Incorporated, FGI acquired 51% voting interest (49% share of profits) in SGI-Group B.V., the holding company for SGI Aviation Services B.V., which is involved in the aircraft asset management business. FGI then turned SGI Investment into a consolidated subsidiary.
2018 Jan. Relocated the head office to Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
Nov. Metsä Village opened.

FGI decided to turn Rights and Brands Japan Co., Ltd. into a consolidated subsidiary.
2019 Mar. Moominvalley Park opened.
2021 Feb. Changed its listing market from Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers to Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section.

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