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FGI is a boutique investment bank that helps companies grow and develop.

Under the banner of a boutique investment bank, FGI and the group it leads contribute to the growth and development of companies in all sectors of industry through investment banking and principal investment activities. To date, we have supported client companies through investment banking services hinging on specialized expertise in structured finance. But our operations have evolved as market needs have changed, moving beyond our original and rather narrow emphasis on real estate-related asset finance to a more comprehensive range of services, from financial advisory services to equity finance.

For clients requiring funds to develop operations, we pinpoint growth potential and support growth through principal investment. For clients with funds to invest, we offer investors at home and abroad asset management services highlighting diverse investment strategies. In addition, we apply high-level financial technologies accumulated through the provision of financial services for client companies to support the efforts of local governments seeking to improve their financial health. These activities underpin efforts to expand the range of our business expertise.

What is a boutique investment bank?

A boutique investment bank is ...
Unlike megabanks, which extend various services over a diverse financial spectrum, FGI concentrates solely on structured finance, which allows the Company to offer more sophisticated and more specialized investment banking services as a boutique investment bank.

Structured Finance

A field of financing that parallels the formation of a scheme, that is, a “structure”. Securitization, a major product in structured finance, is widely recognized and increasingly utilized as a way to raise funds for projects. Heightened interest in securitization has fostered demand for diversified investment approaches. Many deals therefore require highly original financial techniques, making access to expertise and specialized know-how indispensable for successful structured financing from both procurement and investment perspectives.

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