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Message from CEO

We will address social issues and requirements, through the creation of high added value, contribute to the sustainable growth and development of companies and local communities.

Through both the investment banking business and corporate investment, FGI addresses issues that challenge companies and local communities and supports sustainable growth and development. Companies under the FGI Group umbrella draw on these capabilities to undertake various projects with clients as well as investments in the corporate investment portfolio. The largest of these projects is Metsä, which includes Moominvalley Park, in Hanno, Saitama Prefecture. The spread of COVID-19 continues to adversely impact the operation of Metsä, but Moomin Monogatari Ltd., which runs the project, formulated a business stability strategy in June 2020 that would enable Metsä to withstand a decrease—even a huge decrease—in guest count and implement meticulous steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The stage was then set for overcoming difficulties by balancing income and expenses. In addition, the licensing business, which is handled by Moomin Monogatari subsidiary Rights and Brands Japan Co., Ltd., is another strategic business for the company. Efforts were directed into branding strategy, with the market for Moomin-related merchandise and character use in Japan reaching an estimated ¥45.0 billion, or close to six times the level recorded 10 years ago. Steady expansion in demand drove licensing revenue for fiscal 2020, ended September 30, 2020, to ¥1.4 billion. The licensing business presented solid growth potential so the branding strategy will be reinforced in 2021 to capitalize on evolving demand.

  In the investment banking business, private equity investment deals, which help address such issues as business succession, have increased since last year. Steady inquiries from clients should sustain this trend and expand demand, which will allow us to boost income from this business while leveraging solutions to social issues, particularly business succession. We will maintain a robust approach to product management and financial arrangement activities, which respond to social issues at a local level, and in so doing, we will also be contributing to regional renaissance.

   Against a backdrop of rapidly changing circumstances for companies and local communities and the resulting social issues and requirements that accompany such changes, everyone under the FGI Group umbrella will work together to find solutions, and through the creation of high added value, contribute to the growth and development of companies and local communities and thereby nurture economic benefits. Your support will be integral to our continued success.

January 4, 2021

Nobumitsu Tamai
President & CEO, FinTech Global Incorporated

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