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Message Through financing, we will promote activities that contribute to solutions addressing social issues.

The FGI Group contributes to solutions that address a variety of issues affecting society and supports sustainable growth and development.

In fiscal 2021, ended September 30, 2021, the business environment remained challenging for Metsä due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. But the investment banking business marked progress in arrangements on private equity investment deals for companies struggling with such issues as business succession, leading FGI to a return to profitability on a consolidated basis. In loans and investments, the focus was on corporate investment, business succession and Metsä operations, driven by efforts to contribute to solutions that address social issues. The balance of loans and investments (loans and investments using own capital) in the investment banking business stood at ¥6.8 billion as of September 30, 2021. Also of note, the balance of assets under management reached ¥26.5 billion, with assets related to renewable energy projects charting an upward path.
In fiscal 2022, we will strive for stable expansion of private equity investment in the investment banking business and vigorously promote financial arrangements for projects that support regional renaissance, particularly upgrades to and redevelopment of important local facilities as well as development of facilities for renewable energy production. At Metsä Village, the push to boost value through development and other measures slowed, due to the pandemic, but it is our intention to consider a concrete strategy to improve value.
In the entertainment service business, Moominvalley Park underwent remodeling and reopened under a new theme—“Well-being”—in December 2021. The decision to remodel reflects the reduction in guest count caused by the prolonged state of the pandemic as well as the needs of guests, namely, a place where they can relax amid nature to heal mind and body. But the pandemic is not over yet, and its still-unfolding consequences preclude forecasts, so we will have to keep careful watch on emerging trends and circumstances. In the licensing-related business, demand continues to grow for Moomin-themed products and services, and the emphasis going forward will be on expanding market interest even further through measures linked to the One-Moomin global strategy for the Moomin brand.
The FGI Group will continue to create business opportunities through activities that contribute to solutions addressing social issues. As always, your support will be integral to our combined success.

January 5, 2022 Nobumitsu Tamai
President & CEO, FinTech Global Incorporated