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FinTech Global (FGI) is a boutique investment bank* providing innovative, leading-edge financing solutions to help clients address issues of concern. *A boutique investment bank is an investment bank that offers some of the services available from big investment banks, which pursue large-scale, broad-based activities, but on a small scale and with a specialized focus.
FGI started off with investment banking services emphasizing financial arrangements but services now include investments and Asset management to meet diverse client needs.

Investment Banking

The FGI Group supports fund procurement efforts through financial arrangements and financial advisory services and helps clients achieve their strategic goals. Financial arrangement services facilitate fund procurement through various processes, such as planning and proposing the best possible financial strategies, inviting financial institutions, investors and other parties to participate in arrangements, and creating documentation. The aggregate amount of fund procurement under real estate securitization arrangements formed by FGI Group companies involved in such operations reached ¥901.4 billion in fiscal 2022.

The FGI Group provides various solutions, including investment and financial advisory services, to companies faced with business succession issues.
On each project, investment is made through an acquisition fund (non-consolidated) comprising a contribution from FGI, loans from financial institutions and other sources. Investment amounts for intended projects through such funds are increasing each year.
Total Investments Through Acquisition Funds (Amount of financing in each fiscal year)
The FGI Group also has the capacity to extend financial solutions to the public sector though the public management consulting business, which focuses on public accounting for local public entities and helps promote enhanced financial health in such areas as formulating general management plans, including those for public facilities, and for public enterprise accounting.


The FGI Group connects investors to projects and organizations in need of capital through private equity and various related services. We invest in companies grappling with business succession issues as well as startup companies and various real estate projects, and help boost corporate and asset values.
Total Investments and Loans (As of September 30, 2022)
Portfolio Company Profiles
Investment at Metsä
On the Metsä project, FGI participates through asset investment and private equity investment activities, having invested in Metsä Village assets and taking an equity stake through capital contributions into Moomin Monogatari, Ltd., which operates Moominvalley Park.

Asset Management

The FGI Group undertakes asset management on such targets as real estate and securities. In recent years, the service menu has expanded in response to an increase in requests to handle residences and renewable energy facilities.
Total Assets under Management (As of September 30, 2022)
Looking to future business development, FGI is involved in aircraft asset management, providing aircraft technical advisory services and aircraft registration through its Netherlands-based subsidiary, SGI-Aviation Services B.V.