Sustainability Policy
Focusing on the investment banking business, FGI addresses various issues affecting the global environment and society and contributes to sustainable growth and solutions to social issues to fulfill its social responsibility, in the context of stakeholder expectations and requests.
Sustainability Approach
FGI seeks to address the diversifying financing needs of its clients through leading-edge, innovative financial products and schemes geared to the changing financial environment and strives to satisfy all associated stakeholders by achieving the highest level of corporate value and asset value for client companies. This is the basic management policy that FGI, and the rest of the FGI Group, strive to uphold and one that underpins efforts supporting corporate growth and development of local communities.

The FGI Group strives to address various social issues, including threats to the global environment, with climate change at the top of the list, as well as economic disparity, by investing in businesses and providing financial solutions based on structured arrangements. This approach serves a dual purpose in that the Group will be part of the effort to realize a sustainable society while at the same time ensure its own sustainable growth. Toward this end, the Group will pursue businesses that underpin achievement of SDGs.
Sustainability initiatives
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Metsä business
Relevant SDGs
  • Business succession support, business revitalization services
  • Facility upgrades, urban redevelopment projects
  • Metsä business
  • Support for people with disabilities
  • Human resources development
Relevant SDGs
  • Corporate governance
Relevant SDGs

Environment, Society

Renewable Energy Projects

Invest in and provide financial arrangements for renewable energy, such as solar, hydro and wind power generation facilities

¥37 billion (October 2010–September 2022)


Arranged windpower fund with small, onshore windpower facilities in Hokkaido as the investment target

Business succession support, business revitalization services

Support to help companies deal with specific business issues

¥44.1 billion (October 2010–September 2022)

Facility upgrades, urban redevelopment projects

Investment and financial arrangement for facility upgrades and urban redevelopment projects

¥31.2 billion (October 2010–September 2022)


Arranged financing for a large-scale upgrade project involving several facilities, including a hotel. Entrusted with asset management.

Arranged changes to scheme based on Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures to address issues with existing scheme for special purpose company with commercial complex under redevelopment. Entrusted with asset management.

Metsä business
Activities at Metsä and related SDGs are presented below.
Provide health conscious meals/Children’s playland /Athletics
Have fun while learning/ Library, workshops/ Food education
Upcycle product development/Environment-conscious product development/Sustainable ingredient procurement /Simplified packaging /Recycling
Build partnerships and pursue all-encompassing activities with city of Hanno, shareholders, sponsors, licensees and suppliers

The Ethical Choice logo is applied to comprehensive efforts to develop in-facility production environments, foods, products, materials and services based on ethical and sustainable choices (selection) that place no burden, neither tangibly nor intangibly, on the human body or the environment.

The Reusable Bib comes with the Kids Meal Bucket available at Moominvalley Park. It is a tangible expression of coexistence with nature, made of Paptic®, a resource-efficient material produced from renewable wood fibres by Paptic Ltd., that is durable to allow reuse but flexible and soft to the touch. The idea behind this product is for children wear the bib while enjoying their meal at Moominvalley Park and then use the bib again at home.
To learn more about Ethical Choice, please visit the Metsä official website

Support for people with disabilities

・Support manufacturing by people with disabilities (products made at facilities for people with disabilities sold at Metsä Village)
・Sponsor Tonttu Festival*


Event organized by Decent Work Lab, a non-profit organization the undertakes activities to realize decent work for all.
Festival to promote social inclusion, where people enjoy diversity, understand differences and, as necessary, provide mutual support.


The festival was held at Metsä Village on September 18–19, 2022.
To learn more about Tonttu Festival
(Tonttu Festival website)

Human resources development

・Self-awareness and support program (includes helping employees acquire qualifications to develop skills required to perform work)
・Overseas language study program (develop global workforce)


Corporate governance

・Transition to company with Audit and Supervisory Committee, raise outside director ratio above 50% (December 2019–)
・Appoint female directors (December 2019–)
・Establish corporate governance guidelines (February 2021)
・Introduce evaluation system for Board of Directors (fiscal 2021)

Corporate Governance